The Santa Marta region is drying out which is very hard to presence. We were hoping to find fertile land, and in Minca it was much better than in Santa Marta. You can see the ocean and snow peaks from Minca!
We met a wonderful family, that owns the restaurant/café ei mox muica. They let us spend two nights at their beautiful home and shared a lot of stories with us. Andrés is a wood sculptor who learned the craft from his father. Andrea is a weaver. They have two great twin kids. Thank you so much, Andrea and Andrés for you warm hospitality!
We wanted to climb the sierra with our dear car, Einstein. We were unsuccessful, because our car is not made for these rocky paths up the mountain which broke one of Einstein's suspension. We had to turn around, couldn't fix it in Santa Marta so it finally got fixed in Barranquilla. That evening we drove to Cartagena and slept on the Stahlratte one last time before our journey continued south!
By the way, the happiest 30, Meggy!
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